Journal of EcoAgriTourism
Bulletin of Agri-ecolgy, Agri-food, Bioengineering and Agritourism

Journal's Director
Prof. Romulus GRUIA Ph. D.
Prof. LIVIU GACEU Ph. D Habil.
Scientific Board

Prof. Dr. eng. Werner Hofacker, Germany
Prof. Dr. Ray F. Iunius, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. eng. Petru Alexe, Romania
Prof. Dr. Eng. Miklos Herdon, Hungary
Prof. Dr. Sukmanov A. Valerij, Ukraine
Prof. Dr. Maria Isabel Bernuga, Spain
Prof. Dr. eng. Stefan Stefanov, Bulgaria
Prof. Dr. Simionescu Dumitru, Romania
Prof. Dr. Dumitru Mnerie, Romania
Prof. Dr. Stanka Damianova, Bulgaria

Technical Board
Translator: Simona BUCSA
Oana Bianca OPREA
Raducu MICU
Bernadett DENES
Cristina RUSU
Nicoleta TINEA
Amalia ADAM
Instructions concerning papers submitted for publication

These are instructions for the Journal of EcoAgriTourism thus achieving a higher quality of the presentation. Numerous papers published in similar journals have been taken into account. 

Papers are written electronically, using a word-processing application. We recommend a Windows-compatible word processor (WinWord). We recommend even number of pages, 6-8 pages.

Please use the manuscript template available --- Download Manuscript Template

For other information please contact editor-in-chief Prof. LIVIU GACEU Ph. D, email: