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Bulletin of Agri-ecology, Agri-food, Bioengineering and Agritourism

Journal's Director
Prof. Romulus GRUIA Ph. D.
Prof. LIVIU GACEU Ph. D Habil.
Scientific Board

Prof. Dr. eng. Werner Hofacker, Germany
Prof. Dr. Ray F. Iunius, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. eng. Petru Alexe, Romania
Prof. Dr. Eng. Miklos Herdon, Hungary
Prof. Dr. Sukmanov A. Valerij, Ukraine
Prof. Dr. Maria Isabel Bernuga, Spain
Prof. Dr. eng. Stefan Stefanov, Bulgaria
Prof. Dr. Simionescu Dumitru, Romania
Prof. Dr. Dumitru Mnerie, Romania
Prof. Dr. Stanka Damianova, Bulgaria

Technical Board
Translator: Simona BUCSA
Oana Bianca OPREA
Raducu MICU
Bernadett DENES
Cristina RUSU
Nicoleta TINEA
Amalia ADAM
Journal of EcoAgriTourism

EcoAgriTourism, in the light of its multidisciplinary character, is a wide-open journal which brings together the opinions of specialists from both academic and economic environment, fostering fruitful collaborations.

The journal's structure covers all aspects of the fields approached, the focus being on original and current researches with applications in agriculture, food industry and rural tourism.

Collaborators may feel free to undertake biological and technical aspects as well as aspects with social, cultural and environmental impact. Information of general interest is aslo welcome for the agriecology-food-tourism field.

  • JEAT first issue: december 2005
  • JEAT is B qouted by CNCSIS cod 910
  • JEAT is indexed in CAB Abstracts
  • JEAT is indexed in Global Health